Design Background

Skyfall has made waves since both locally and internationally since its 2014 completion, not just for being the first chalet to be built in the exclusive and historic resort of St Christoph for 50 years but also because it has broken with well established design tradition.

Whilst mountain architecture has moved on in the past couple of decades there has been a tendency for interior designers to cling to a clichéd mix of antler chandeliers and cowbells. Although Skyfall's façade was constructed in traditional chalet style, the interiors showcase a more novel, modern mix of contemporary art, furniture and lighting alongside more traditional rustic surfaces.

Dramatically lit walls of rough stone and wood re-purposed from century old farmhouses serve as a backdrop for an inordinate amount of fine detail, whether it be leather covered cupboard handles or moulded brass walls. There are also playful walls made out of wooden 'bricks' which are art installation like in their impact.

'My client was not looking for a traditional mountain look' says London based interior designer Sarah Tyser. 'He wanted his home to be dual purpose. Robust enough to survive rental clients but also to be warm, cosy and family friendly, as well as being modern and chic. The trick was to take rustic organic materials and juxtaposition them unaltered next to clean lined, delicate panelling and bespoke paint finishes. 'I collaborated with wonderfully skilled and diligent local artisans to meet my clients brief in spades'.